It's that time of the year where I need to rebuild my website. I'm happy with the simplicity of the filesystem-based view but I'm not interested in building modules for functionality from scratch. The downside of the current design is that it's largely static — one of the motivators behind this little blog here. What's the best python-based CMS? Django gets an A for being a great platform but what if you didn't want to roll all your models and templates from scratch?.

There are a handful of CMSs that are built on top of Django. So far I've heard of one called mezzanine but it seems like the support for mezzanine has dropped off a bit since 2014 or so. Basically, one could argue that you can gauge the success of a given platform by the documentation and the size of its community. I've started looking into wagtail developed in the UK. Despite its somewhat annoying name it looks promising.

I think i'll try and get this setup locally and see what It offers out of the box.